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If you've ever wondered how smart you really are, there's no better way to find out than with the Accurate IQ Test. This comprehensive intelligence test covers a wide range of topics and skills, providing an accurate assessment of your overall IQ. Whether you're looking to impress future employers or simply satisfy your own curiosity, the Accurate IQ Test is the perfect way to get an accurate measure of your intelligence.

Our IQ Test is based on research and work from Harvard University professor Raymond Cattell, one of the most prominent psychologists of the last century. Our test is an evolution of his first proposal of a "Culture Free Intelligence Test" to measure the raw potential of the mind, without taking into account "acquired knowledge and skill... different from intelligence".

Culture Free Intelligence Test

IQ Test Accurate

Our test is comprised of questions designed to measure a range of cognitive abilities and provide an accurate assessment of one's intelligence.

Benchmark Your Intellectual Mind

You don't need any prior study to excel in our IQ Test. See how your results stack up against those of millions from over 120 nations who, just like you, are eager to gauge their intelligence.

Restore or Boost Your Confidence

If you've always wondered about your IQ or simply wish to ensure your cognitive abilities are still sharp, this test might offer the reassurance you're looking for.

Help You Prepare

Whether you're gearing up for a school entrance exam or aiming for your dream job, success comes from preparation and understanding. Our tests are designed to assist you in both areas.

Easily obtain your IQ Certificate!

Secure an official IQ certificate from Official IQ Test to validate your score for anyone who might inquire. This PDF will display both your IQ score and your full name.

795,000+ Customers Trust Us

Some people might think that intelligence tests are a little bit strange, but the fact of mattering is they're quite popular. 795 thousand customers have already trusted us with their iq test and there's no reason why you shouldn't too!

My results were the same as the IQ test I took as a child. I’ve taken several other tests over the years, both free and paid. I’ve also taken a sample test from a well-known organization. Both the results of this test and the report provided were the most accurate and informative that I’ve received.

Sallie Lawson United States

I were very impressed with the IQ test's line of questioning but most of all; your comprehensive and insightful personality test and in-depth report. The information contains details that clarify the abilities. Thank you very much, I had time to "meet" myself again.

Ella Brooks Ireland

At my vintage it was interesting to make the mind work, enjoyed being tested, regardless of numerical score the forcing of thinking in a way that hadn’t been used in 35+ years was refreshing. thank you for the ad being on my news feed.

Catherina Jackson United States

I found the Accurate IQ Test to be pretty helpful in showing me what I was capable of.It’s good to get an accurate IQ score to know where I compare with other people.Overall the results certificate was really in depth and had a good cover of all the strengths and weaknesses.

Ulrich Gersten Germany

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